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The Principal–School Counselor Toolkit represents a collaborative resource that acknowledges and celebrates the influence of the collaboration of principals and school counselors in school communities. This resource elevates promising practices refreshed from the previous edition and adds findings from stakeholder surveys, interviews, and focus groups, and the rich contributions of the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) and the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP).

Throughout this toolkit, you’ll find resources to help guide discussions, self-appraisals, reflections, and implementation of strategy. This toolkit will also help you plan for the arrival of a new leader and/or a new counselor, the start of a new academic year or term, the creation of a school-based leadership team, and more. Wherever appropriate, you can adjust these resources to ensure they are suited to your needs and the context relevant for your school community.


Counselor Webinars

Spend some time with the authors and creators of the Principal–School Counselor Toolkit in our Counselor Webinar Series.

Principal–School Counselor Toolkit: Focus on Equity and Communication
Principals and school counselors provide the energy and support for student learning and growth in any school. The newly updated Principal–School Counselor Toolkit is a responsive resource that acknowledges and celebrates the positive impact of the collaboration of principals and school counselors in school communities. In this webinar, the team that came together to update and enhance the toolkit will share information about the updates, including a focus on equity, and will go deep on one of the most important aspects of the principal–school counselor relationship: Communication.

A Unifying Focus: Equity as Bedrock in the Principal–School Counselor Relationship
December 7, 1:00 p.m. ET
Principal and school counselor relationships can be established and built through a shared and fundamental commitment to equity. The Principal–School Counselor Toolkit was developed with equity as the foundation of the work of principals and school counselors. Join our webinar as authors and practitioners discuss the importance of commitment to equity, and share the tools and resources available in the toolkit to help assess equitable practices and areas for growth in the school community.