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College Board Opportunity Scholarships


The College Board Opportunity Scholarships guide students through the college planning process and offer them multiple chances to earn money for college.

For each of six actions students take that move them closer to college, they’ll have an opportunity to earn scholarships worth up to $2,000. And when they complete all six steps, they’ll have a chance to earn up to $40,000.

How the Opportunity Scholarships Work

Over 20,000 students are participating in the College Board Opportunity Scholarships program. See how easy it is for your students to join them.

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When you pledge to tell your students about the Opportunity Scholarships, we’ll mail you a free toolkit with the following items:

  • A poster to help spread the word about the Opportunity Scholarships.
  • Lesson plans and resources to teach students about the scholarships.
  • A tracking pad students can use to check off each step they complete.

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The Opportunity Scholarships provide juniors a way to start earning scholarships while inspiring them to work toward their college goals.

Janine Birchard (School Counselor), Flagstaff Arts & Leadership Academy


The Opportunity Scholarships E-Module

Each course in this e-module details a different step your students need to take to earn money through the Opportunity Scholarships program. Earn up to .7 CEUs for completing all seven courses.

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Implementation Resources


Get resources to help you support your students as they participate in the College Board Opportunity Scholarships program.

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For Educators & Student Advocates

Get educators & student advocates excited about the Opportunity Scholarships program.

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Live and On-Demand Webinars

These live and on demand webinars provides tips and helpful resources to advise your students through the college planning process and connect your students to over $5 million in scholarship opportunities.

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