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The College Board Opportunity Scholarships are a unique opportunity open to all high school juniors and seniors, starting with the class of 2020. By completing six essential steps that move them closer to college, students have the chance to earn a $40,000 scholarship.

Rewarding Student Effort

Opportunity Scholarships are for students of all backgrounds and ability levels. We want to reward students who make the effort to complete important tasks on the path to college.

There are no:

  • Family income requirements
  • GPA requirements
  • Applications to submit
  • Essays to write

Students have many chances to earn scholarships. We hold monthly drawings to reward students for each step they complete.

Learn more about the College Board Opportunity Scholarships.

Spread the Word

When you pledge to support your students on the road to college by telling them about the Opportunity Scholarships, we’ll mail you the following resources to make sure you have the information you need.

  • College Board Opportunity Scholarships Resources and Handouts Booklet
  • Advisement Tracking Pad
  • Poster

Take the Pledge