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Many community colleges (and some four-year schools) use ACCUPLACER tests to determine whether students are academically prepared for college-level coursework. The tests measure reading, writing, and math skills as well as the English language skills of ESL students.

ACCUPLACER is primarily used to assess the skills of students who don’t have SAT or ACT scores. Students may be asked to take one or more tests after they’ve been accepted at a college but before they register for courses.

Here are some reasons for students to take ACCUPLACER:

  • They can show they’re ready for college-level work: Students whose ACCUPLACER scores meet their school’s requirements can take college-level courses and start earning credits right away, instead of spending time and money on remedial courses they don’t need.
  • They’ll get extra support if they need it: Students whose ACCUPLACER scores don’t meet their school’s requirements will be placed into courses that will help them build the skills they need to take credit-bearing courses, instead of taking courses they’re not ready for.
  • They’ll get useful information to help them plan their course schedule: ACCUPLACER tests give students a clear picture of their academic strengths as well as the areas they should focus on improving. This information can help them plan their courses for the year in a way that makes sense for them.