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Meet the Team

Lorraine Hastings, Vice President, Counselor Community Engagement

Lorraine Hastings leads the Counselor Community Engagement team and their activities with public school counselors, private school counselors, and the community that influences their actions. She has been with College Board for over 20 years. Prior to her work at College Board, Hastings served as a school counselor and director of guidance. She holds a bachelor of science and a master of education from the University of Georgia. She is a member of the National Association of College Admissions Counselors and the American School Counselor Association.

Lauri Silas Benton, Senior Director, Counselor Community Engagement

Lauri Benton is a veteran school counselor leader and student advocate with more than 25 years in the field. In her current role she is responsible for national and international outreach, training, and engagement strategy targeting school and college counseling professionals, the coordination of national external partnerships, and implementation of comprehensive professional learning opportunities. While at College Board, she develops and leads college and career readiness initiatives and training for national and international educators, district/building-level administrators, teachers, and community stakeholders to support academic preparation, college access, and postsecondary completion for all students. Benton holds a PhD and EdS in counseling and student personnel services from the University of Georgia, an MA in counseling and human development from Clark Atlanta University, a BA in psychology from Agnes Scott College, and K–12 school counseling and administrative leadership certifications.

Jennifer Dunn, Director, Counselor Community Engagement

Jennifer Dunn has been with College Board for 10 years, working with school counseling professionals at the district and national levels. She is committed to supporting counselors as they help students navigate the postsecondary process. Previously, she spent 12 years as a high school counselor in Baltimore City Public Schools, a large urban school district, and also taught social studies. She has a passion for supporting all students, ensuring that underrepresented students have access to equitable educational opportunities. From 2010–2011, Dunn served as president of the Maryland School Counselor Association. She has also served on the American School Counselor Association School Counselor of the Year review committee from 2016 to present.

Kevin Randolph González, Director, Counselor Community Engagement

Kevin Randolph González has directed secondary school counseling offices both internationally and in North America, helping students and their families understand the landscape of global university admissions. He joined College Board in 2019 after serving in Latin America where he trained counselors and founded the Guatemala School Counselor's Association in 2016. Randolph González began his career nearly 20 years ago as a university admissions counselor after earning his bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri followed by a master in educational psychology from Northern Arizona University. Randolph González currently serves on NACAC’s Global Engagement Committee and is actively involved in International ACAC and CIS.

Lacey Bonner, Director, Counselor Community Engagement

Prior to coming to College Board in 2016, Lacey Bonner worked for 13 years as a school counselor and K–12 coordinator for school counseling services. Bonner’s experience working in public schools led to her two biggest professional passions: supporting counselors in the important role they play in their school communities and providing access and equity for all students on their journey toward college and career.

Stacey Foney, Director, Counselor Community Engagement

Stacey Foney is a director on the College Board Counselor Community Engagement team. Foney focuses on working with Georgia counselors to keep them informed about College Board products and services as well as helping them use College Board resources to help all students clear a path to owning their future. She worked as a high school counselor for over 20 years in Georgia prior to joining College Board in 2018. During her time in counseling, she has served as head counselor, director of guidance, and director of high school programs.

Vince Sasso, Director, K–12 Communications

After spending six years in public schools and four as a school counselor, Sasso now serves on the College Board Communications team, focusing on the Counselor Connection newsletter, the College Board Counselor Community, and other strategic initiatives. As a recent graduate of Purdue University’s master of science in communication program, Vince is now combining his knowledge of counseling and communications to more effectively serve counseling professionals across the globe.