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Meet the Team

Lorraine Hastings, Vice President, Counselor Community Engagement

Lorraine leads the Counselor Community Engagement team and their activities with public school counselors, private school counselors, and the community that influences their actions. She has been with the College Board for over 18 years. Prior to her work at the College Board, Lorraine served as a school counselor and director of guidance.

Lauri Benton, Senior Director, Counselor Community Engagement

An enthusiastic and recognized education leader, committed to access and opportunity, Lauri has 25 years of progressive leadership experience developing comprehensive programs, curricula, and training for counseling professionals in public, private, and community-based organization settings. Prior to joining the College Board in 2010, Lauri was a director of guidance and counseling and led award-winning comprehensive guidance and counseling programs for diverse student populations.

Jennifer Dunn, Director, Counselor Comunity Engagement

Jennifer has been with the College Board for nine years, working with school counseling professionals at the district and national levels. Before that, she spent 12 years as a school counselor in Baltimore City Public Schools and also taught social studies. From 2010–2011, Jennifer served as president of the Maryland School Counselor Association.

Vince Sasso, Director, K–12 Communications

After spending six years in public schools and four as a school counselor, Vince now works with counselors across the country through coordinating The Counselor Connection newsletter, moderating the College Board Counselor Community on Boost, and delivering professional development. As a current student in Purdue University’s Master of Science in Communication program, Vince is now combining his knowledge of counseling and communications to more effectively engage with counseling professionals.