Get the resources you need to help you guide students on their path to college and career.

Upcoming Events

Professional Development Opportunities for Counselors 

Aug 1 - Aug 3, 2023

10 AM - 3 PM ET

Counselor Summer Institute

Join us for updates and discussions regarding college admissions, student preparation, and college success.

Aug 29 - Sep 19, 2023

1 PM - 10 AM ET

Counselor Workshops

Get updates on College Board programs and services so that you’re ready to support your students for the 2023-24 school year.

Professional Learning

Grow your professional career by attending counselor workshops, webinars, and other professional learning events throughout the year.

Top Toolkits

Find helpful resources, strategies, tools, and more to help you support your students' learning and growth as they prepare for college.

AP Toolkit for Counselors

Use this collection of counselor resources to support students taking AP courses. Discover overviews and help guides, customizable PowerPoints and discussion templates, and videos. 

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BigFuture Toolkit for Counselors

Use these resources when providing guidance to your students on planning for college, paying for college, and exploring careers.

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Digital SAT Suite Toolkit for Counselors

The SAT Suite of Assessments is adapting to meet the evolving needs of students and educators. Use these helpful resources to prepare for the transition to digital with your students and families.

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SAT Suite Toolkit for Counselors

Take advantage of these outreach resources and register for webinars to help your students understand and use their scores for scholarships, free personalized practice for the SAT, and more.

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International Counselors

Learn how College Board programs and services can help students pursue higher education around the world.

The Counseling Profession

College Board offers counselors a wide range of resources to help you best prepare your students for college and career. Whether you're new to the profession or have years of experience, you can find tools to help you and your students succeed.

Finding Colleges that Fit

As you encourage your students to apply to college, help them determine which colleges are the best fit for their own needs.


BigFuture is a free, personalized online guide to help students plan for college, pay for college, and explore careers. Support students with these ready-to-use resources.

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Student Search Service®

Student Search Service connects students with colleges and universities, scholarship programs, and non-profit educational organizations.

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College Application

The college application process can raise a lot of questions. Get tips and insights that will give you the support you need to guide them through the process and stay on track.

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Financial Aid

Financial aid can impact a student's ability to attend a college of their dreams. Get details on the types of aid that are available and how to help your students get it.

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Download helpful resources and handouts to guide students and parents on their path to college.

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