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These computer-based courses generally last about 30-60 minutes and give you easy-to-understand instructions for performing tasks that are essential to helping students stay on track for college success.

E-module Topics

Counselors and educators of all experience levels can use the emodules to make it easier for students to get the most out of College Board tools and services.

  • All counselors can enhance or add to their skills while earning continuing education units (CEUs).
  • Counselor supervisors can establish ongoing collaborative networks of other counselors.
  • Counselor educators can supplement, develop targeted curriculum that enhances their work in the classroom.
  • Preservice counselors can get the most up-to-date information to add to their college counseling training. 

Establish a Professional Account

Description: Learn to navigate the Education Professionals section of the College Board website and create a professional account.
30 minutes; 0.1 CEU


  1. Introduce the Education Professionals area of the College Board website.
  2. Show how to create a College Board professional account.

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Introduction to the SAT

Description: Learn about the SAT Suite of assessment and get details about test sections, scoring scales, and benchmarks.
CEUs: 50 minutes; 0.1 CEU


  1. Discuss why taking the SAT is an important step for any student.
  2. Describe the essential skills tested on the SAT.
  3. Become familiar with SAT scoring.
  4. Distinguish the benefits of SAT School Day and Weekend administration of the SAT.
  5. Get started with SAT test preparation and Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy.

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SAT Foundations E-Module - 5 Courses Included

Description: Millions of students take the SAT each year as a step on their path to college. To help you in support your work, we’ve designed a series of five (5) introductory self-paced courses to make it easy for you to explore the fundamentals of the SAT with your students and their families.

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Understanding College Board Accommodations

Description: Get an overview of how to select and request appropriate test accommodations for students and review documentation guidelines.
CEUs: 35 minutes; 0.1 CEU


  1. Understand the accommodations request process
  2. Learn about recent changes to the SSD review process
  3. Review common accommodations, including when they are appropriate for College Board tests
  4. Learn what documentation is most helpful when accommodation requests are reviewed by the College Board

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Using the K–12 Score Reporting Portal

Description: Learn how to access, use, and benefit from the K–12 score reporting portal.
90 minutes; 0.2 CEU


  1. Explain the levels of access to student scores.
  2. Show how to request access to the portal.
  3. Introduce the reports and functions in the K–12 score reporting portal, including how to track student progress and analyze test results.
  4. Describe the responsibilities of the access manager.
  5. Show how to add the K–12 score reporting portal to your professional account.

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Official SAT Practice: Using Coach Tools

Description: Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy is personalized, world-class, and free. Join us to learn how your students can build their own practice program to get on and stay on track for college success.
CEUs: 60 minutes; 0.1 CEU


  1. Discover the value of using Official SAT Practice in the Classroom.
  2. Build a basic understanding of how to set up and use Official SAT Practice.
  3. Identify the data that is available to support students through the Coach Tools and how to access that data.
  4. Review best practices for integrating Official SAT Practice in the Classroom.
  5. Gain some troubleshooting tips along the way.

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Success Steps: Strategies for Using SAT Suite Data

Description: The purpose of this course is to provide educators with guidance and examples for using the SAT Suite data to inform your curricular and instructional decisions.
40 minutes 0.1 CEU


  1. Relate which SAT Suite reports can assist in supporting students, monitor curriculum, and tracking progress.
  2. Consider examples from educators who analyzed and used SAT Suite data in their schools and classrooms.
  3. Use Skills Insight to develop strategies for students.
  4. Employ data analysis protocols to identify student strengths and classroom opportunities.
  5. Incorporate ideas from a professional learning workshop to start your own SAT Suite data analysis sessions.

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College Board Opportunity Scholarships - 7 Courses Included

Description: These series of courses provides tips and helpful resources to advise your students through the college planning process and connect your students to over $5 million in scholarship opportunities.

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