Counselor Workshops

Our annual Counselor Workshops provide timely information and resources to support your work.

Watch the 2022 Workshops On-Demand

The 2022 Counselor Workshops are occurring live, online August 30–September 15 and may also be viewed on demand. Join us for timely updates on College Board programs and higher education trends so you’re ready to support your students for the 2022-23 school year. Topics include:

  • SAT Program updates and information about the upcoming digital SAT
  • AP Program updates
  • BigFuture college planning resources and new features

You’ll have the flexibility to choose a workshop that best suits your experience as a school counselor and your geographic area:

  • Regional-Focused Workshops: Meet College Board staff who work in your region and learn about updates and new information on our programs.
  • New Counselor Workshop: Designed for high school counselors with 0–2 years of experience, this event will provide key information and best practices to help guide your students and their families through the college planning process.
  • All workshops are free, and all attendees are eligible for CEU credit, or credit toward your professional certification, for attending and completing a short quiz after the event. Whether you plan to attend live or want to receive the recording to view at a later time, register for our workshops at your earliest convenience.