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The SAT School Day program lets schools offer the SAT to juniors and seniors in school, on a school day. 

Your state or district may have an SAT School Day contract with the College Board, which means your school isn’t charged test fees for the grades covered by the contract. Noncontract schools may also participate in SAT School Day, subject to fees.

Here are some reasons for schools to take part in SAT School Day:

  • The SAT can be used to comply with state and federal accountability requirements.
  • Offering the SAT in school on a school day removes barriers and gives more students the opportunity to graduate high school ready for college and career.


Learn more about SAT School Day.

Contact your regional College Board office for information about SAT School Day contracts.

Middle States Regional Office
Phone: 866-392-3019
Fax: 610-227-2580

Midwestern Regional Office
Phone: 866-392-4086 
Fax: 847-653-4528

New England Regional Office
Phone: 866-392-4089
Fax: 781-663-2743

Southern Regional Office
Phone: 866-392-4088
Fax: 770-225-4062

Southwestern Regional Office
Phone: 866-392-3017
Fax: 512-721-1841

Western Regional Office
Phone: 213-416-2131
Fax: 213-416-2133

Puerto Rico and Latin America Office
Phone: 787-772-1200
Fax: 787-759-8629